Kempingas slėnyje

The name of Trakai city is as old as Lithuania itself. Trakai is the cradle of power and honor of the old Lithuania. Since the end of the 14th century, the orders to the whole country were given from here; the messengers from other countries were welcomed here, and offered a royal hospitality. The kings still visit this land... It is virtually impossible to visit Trakai and not to try its traditional local dishes, such as karaim krupnik or the most famous fish of Trakai lakes – the vendace.

We invite you to 'Slėnis', where we will surprise you with the abundance of outstanding dishes and their surprising taste. It's not magic, it's just a recreated history of Trakai city which will invite to take a deeper look at the Island castle and Užutrakis manor.

A special program is designed for the organised groups or companies of friends:






Gourmet path”

We offer you to taste the history and to start your cognition from the serving culture of the food of old times. Educational programs will introduce You with the ways and traditions of making karaim, tatar and lithuanian food and the history of the nations living in Trakai.

The program of your choice lasts for 2 hours. The price per person starts from 35 litas.

During the program you will:

listen to the story about the history of nations and the 'nation table' in Trakai, told by a city guide;

participate in the tasting of some certain dishes, sets of dishes and drinks;

play the traditional ethnographic games.

During the program, the traditional music or a music band are playing (according to the request). The program is organised together with the ethnographic collectives of Trakai Region Palace of Culture and the local craftsmen. This program can be organised on a ship, in this way giving you an impressive journey with 'A Ship from the Past'.