Kempingas slėnyje

The 'Wellness and Relax Park Slėnis' is located on the strand of Galvė lake, in the former territory of Totoriškiai manor. Totoriškiai manor was built in the same year as Tiškevičiai manor, although the territory itself, called Algirdas island, is known since the 14th century. Its first owners, have chosen the most stunning place in Trakai region – the strand, from which, the biggest part of Galvė lake and its pearl – Trakai castle – are visible. It's one of the most amazing corners of Lithuania, located in Trakai historical – national park, only 30 kilometres from Vilnius.

For the staying, we can offer the cosy guest house in the former lodgings of Totoriškiai manor, the bedrooms of the old manor, spacious cottages by the lake and summerhouses as well as separate wooden houses. The territory includes an area for camping where the guests with tents or houses on wheels can stay.

Fro those who don't like to sit in one place we can offer bikes, boats and water bikes. The children will yell cheerfully while going down the water slide straight into Galvė lake. For more unusual experiences, we can offer a flight with an air balloon, which would show the vast lands of Trakai from a bird flight. The guests who prefer quietness can listen to the waves by sailing in yachts or to observe the nature during a horseback ride. Both: an agile child and an older person, tired from the everyday noise, will find in 'Slėnis' a pleasing tranquillity and will live in harmony with the nature itself.

For smaller events we can offer our banquet halls: an impressive basement bar decorated with the forged metal wares and furniture, made from the chains found in the basement that belonged to the first owner of the manor; the hall of the Old manor with a fireplace that creates a cosy atmosphere and an exit to a terrace which attracts the eyes of the fishermen since the 18th century; the hall of the big café, where up to 100 people can be served and which has a terrace. The guests are welcomed by a cosy atmosphere and pleasant service.

The clients are also offered a wide spectrum of health services such as sauna, Nordic walks and massages. And all this, in an exceptional place – just in front of the centenary Trakai castle! 'Slėnis' is a health and leisure oasis, which will charm with its majestic buildings the ones, who love the historical past of Lithuania, or the nature lovers who will listen to silent whispers of the pines and the stories told by the waves, which are trying to reach the shore of the Trakai valley.
'Slėnis' – an oasis for Your rest all year long!