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{gallery width=250 height=155 padding=0 margin='0 15px 2px 0' alignment=before-float}images/articles/e_rusiska.jpg{/gallery}Russian steam bath – is a steam bath designed following the Russian traditions, which will invite you not only to try out the bathing birch-rods, but also to have a good time. In Russia, sauna and health are nearly synonyms. A low temperature and a high humidity level do not wear, but in contrary, put our guests in a pleasant mood, make them feel warm and help to relax. This type of sauna is particularly recommended for the individuals suffering from bronchial asthma or other respiratory diseases, having sleeping problems and slow metabolism and suffering from mild joint pains. Wallowing in the snow, an ice hole, bathing birch-rods, a sauna and a fun company are the inherent qualities of a Russian sauna. Next to the sauna is a cosy banquet hall which can accommodate a small company of 16 people.


{gallery width=250 height=155 padding=0 margin='0 15px 2px 0' alignment=before-float}images/articles/d_japoniska.jpg{/gallery}Japanese Onsen sauna – the most popular sauna type in Japan, which is different from others as this sauna is not filled with hot steam or air, but water, heated to 45˚ C. In Japan, Onsen saunas are public saunas on the hot springs, in the mountains, where the hot underground water which has a lot of minerals, salt and sulphur is poured in to water basins. Onsen is not only a therapeutic sauna, but also an important means of public communication. In Japan, hot springs are among the best entertainments.

In 'Slėnis', Onsen sauna is designed by following the most common Japanese traditions, but differently than in the mountains, sauna water does not come from natural underwater streams, but is enriched with the salts of the dead sea, silvered and magnetized. A water that is this rich with therapeutic characteristics will not only make you warm and relaxed, but will also positively affect the respiratory tract and speed up the healing process.

You can additionally order the therapeutic Dead Sea salt with microhydrine, which ionizes the water and makes it 'live'. Such water stimulates the healing process of the skin, fights viruses and bacteria, relaxes the muscles after a physical activity and works as an antioxidant. We can also offer a gourmet gathering in the sauna, with our made sushi and green tea, and spending a night in a stylized, hotel room decorated with Japanese details.


Lithuanian steam bath – a type of sauna where the steam comes from hot rocks, when a regular or herbal water is poured on the rocks. 'Slėnis' has two Lithuanian ecological steam baths.

{gallery width=250 height=155 padding=0 margin='0 15px 2px 0' alignment=before-float}images/articles/c_pirtys.jpg{/gallery}One of the two stands on the coast of Galvė lake and also contains a herbal bath. It's a detoxicating and relaxing corner of tranquillity. The temperature in this steam bath is easily controlled, everyone can heat it according to they preferences and health. In the old days, Lithuanian steam baths were heated by putting hot rocks into the water. 'Slėnis' steam bath has a water reservoir around the stove, which can be filled with regular or herbal water, in this way ensuring a continuous steam during the whole heating. The terrace of a steam bath contains a pearl massage bathtub with herbal water. The herbs produce a detoxicating and calming effect. For the contrast procedures, an ice hole is made in the winter.

The other steam bath is further from the lake. Next to this steam bath, there is a hot tub with pearl massage. The contrasting temperature, after leaving the steam bath, promotes the blood circulation and strengthens the immune system. If the winter is white, the guests can roll in the snow to achieve the same effect. After these procedures, we suggest to relax in a hot tub with pearl massage.

No chemical medicine will strengthen the immune system as well, as repetitive weekends in a steam bath, where one can talk to the steam of herbs, freshen the body and soul with cold water, and taste the herbal tea. It not only strengthens the immune system, but also brightens up the spirit. In all the steam baths, with an exception of the Japanese one, the services of an attendant or a herbalist are available, together with educational and health promoting programs.